More women in politics and women leaders in Europe tomorrow Laura Danilas, Municipal Councillor of Tartu Municipality, Estonia Vice President of ELL Group This Sunday Estonia made history with an e-voting majority and a record female presence in the new parliament. Since then a record-high number of female representatives, a total of 30 women out of 101 were elected to Riigikogu, two more compared to in the previous elections. Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of Estonia secured 31816 votes which is a new record for a single candidate. Women’s participation in policy-making is fundamental to democratic governance. It helps to promote gender equality and influences both the types of policy issues that are considered and the types of solutions that are offered. It is also important to keep in mind that women prioritize more education, health and social welfare than masculine issues. Despite the fact that we have very strong female leaders in defense and economy women are more likely to be engaged in less attractive fields. Also, according to various surveys, increased representation of women helps also to counteract corruption in politics. The participation of women at the national, local and community level has become an important focus of global development. In order to make sustainable decisions we need more women in politics. It is crucial not to have a homogeneous group of policy makers, but men and women from different age groups and walks of life. To make the change we need girls in school to become women in politics – everything starts from the education system. It is clearly seen that political parties and their voters should support more women. In particular, men are more likely to vote for attractive male candidates, and women are more likely to vote for approachable male candidates. Thus, who supports women then? Greater inclusion of women in politics starts with supporting each other As Former British Prime Minister Mrgaret Thatcher said “If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman.“