So young, but so tired. European Union, an edifice of only 65 years old and yet so exhausted.
Europe was built on the foundations of peace, wellbeing and freedom among its member states.

However, the amount and complexity of the procedures which were adopted to implement the European integration, the so-called technical part, overlapped the European vision.

At the same time, for most of the member states their national interests were appeared to be stronger than the European regulations which they themselves had voted for.

Plenty of them were living beyond their means, ignoring for years the upcoming consequences. The human value and the human rights were constantly downgraded, and the European Institutions were proved incapable to deal with.

The European crisis was deteriorated during the last decade and BREXIT was the result. A shock we owe to consider very rigorously together with the European dilemma of stay or leave which exists in all member states.

However, against the great challenges we are facing, there is no doubt that Europe is our common future. Moreover, whatever keeps us together is stronger than what tears as apart.

Lessons should be learnt from the past; the European vision should be re- established. Planning should not be based on strict processes but on realistic policies which will not only regulate the markets, but will also enhance human value, entrepreneurial
freedom and social justice.

We are Europe, and we need to work hard for it.