Time to Act

The squandering of the planet’s natural resources for human well-being mistakenly based on the overproduction, accumulation and consumption of material goods has been a fact so far. This human greed has led to the detriment of spiritual values ​​and has acted against the moral order of things.

Production of goods requires the use of energy which even today comes from polluting sources (fossil fuels), which are responsible for the greenhouse effect resulting in violent climate change. Global warming is not just an environmental problem. It is a moral and political problem. It is related to the way resources are allocated; thus it is also a matter of social justice. One can say that those least responsible for climate change are those who suffer the worst consequences.

The “Europe Green Agreement”, as the new European Strategy announced by European Commission’s President Mrs Ursula von der Leyen, is inspiring and in the right direction. However, it should have been established much earlier, in order to balance the polluting industrial revolution of the 20th century. However, if we dedicate 21st century to the Green Revolution, we may prevent the collapse of our planet, as long as common efforts are established all over the world.

The green revolution will lead us to a growth that will return more than it demands. It shows the way of how to change our way of life and work, our production and consumption patterns, so that human societies can prosper.

Sun, air, water and other renewable energy sources are enough to meet global demand. Investments in research, innovation and technological developments will give new perspective to the production, distribution and storage (new batteries, hydrogen, etc.) of energy; and consequently millions of new jobs.

As a new politician, I am an ardent supporter of the above strategy, by always keeping in mind that the planet has reached its limits and if we won’t act NOW and DECISIVELY, it will either destroy us or will drive us away; when technological developments allow so.