Social Policy

In a modern society, all of us involved in the municipal or local authorities ought to take care of the needs and problems of citizens and focus on improving their everyday life. Social Policies are the means through which Europe’s Regions and Cities support groups of people in need. European social policies aim to promote employment, improve living and working conditions, provide adequate social protection and combat social exclusion

Young people willing to make a difference in regional governments and municipalities must be ambitious, proactive, have a strong sense of the importance of teamwork and be determined to work on several projects and programs for the unprivileged groups of the population such as poor, the unemployed, the elderly and people with disabilities.

The European Union is our guide in this effort. Based on the current European framework policy and the Pillar of Social Rights, all of us younger and future members of the municipality have a duty to focus on our fellow citizens by trying to reach equal opportunities and access to the labour market, fair working conditions, social protection and inclusion.  Awareness, participation, coordination are the key factors which will eventually lead us to solutions to their problems. Young people with a vision and accustomed to the use of high – end technology can offer our cities modern structures and social services providing a safety net for the unemployed, the elderly and all vulnerable groups of citizens.

We must not forget that the elaboration of social policies, the interest in our fellow human beings, is a sample of Culture and Civilization.