ENA (which in English translates as Young Local Councillors of Greece Union), which was established in Greece in 2015 by a number of young people, who decided to enter the Local Government Councils. 

The continuously growing number of young people participating in our union as members is opening a wider potential for a European future prospect of young people being urged to become involved in the political arena of Local Governments, and not only.

Needless to say that involving young people in the progress of their local community is empowering them to further participate in local governments’ decision making processes. ENA consists of newly elected, regional and municipal councilors, vice-governors, governors, mayors and deputy mayors from literally every nook and cranny in Greece. 

They are all educated and distinguished in their local communities and do not look at governance participation as a profession, but as depicting love for their fellow humans, with whom they share a common background. Never before has there been a political entity that inpires and initiates young people to work together beyond parties, solely for the benefit of their local community.

 Another aspect  that we are determined to pursue is reinforcing  the participation of women in the governance, taking into account the unacceptably low ratios of women involved in positions of power in politics worldwide. One of our greatest concerns is giving priority to enviroment friendly policies and practices, especially to do with green and blue infrastucture and legislation and how this concept can be disseminated to the citizens, so as to trigger a change in their mentality and behaviour towards the environment.

Our members believe in the upgraded role of Local Governments through claiming more authority from the central state in combination with the influx of additional resources. Disengagement from political parties’ narrowmindedness will be a big step for local communities to spend energy on staying united working for a better tomorrow. Involving the community and inspiring it with fresh and innovative ideas for smarter and greener cities,  we are aiming at bringing hope and perspective for the future ahead.

For the past seven years we have been visiting every part of Greece, with the aim to organise events,  such as the ones following:

  • in Kalamata, on the National Strategic Reference Framework and local development
  •  in Ioannina, on Epirus’ benefactors and their contrbution to Greece and the importance of current equivalents such as the St. Niarchos Foundation
  •  in Athens, on entrepreneurship,
  • In Xanthi, on the importance of the tobacco industry in the development of the city
  • in Komotini, on the development of Thrace, through the port and the University
  • in Corfu, on Cinema Tourism, on the occasion of the British series The Durrells which was filmed on the island and how we can attract foreign productions to Greece,
  • in Lesvos, on Religious Tourism and Monasteries
  • in Rhodes, on Tourism Policy
  • in Chalkis, on Local Government
  • in Marathonas , where it all started with the Marathon becoming a wordly value, on Sport Tourism
  • in Mani, on the protection and promotion of the traditional towers of Mani, unique masterpieces in Europe
  • in Pikermi, on Paleontology and Tourism, emphasizing the need to create a Natural History Museum
  • in Chania, onTourism in connection with Creta’s agricultural products and how visitors can become farmers on the island for a day through experiential agrotourism,
  • in Heraklion, on Tourism and Infrastructure in Crete for the development of the island
  • in Piraeus, on the contribution of Greek Shipping to local communities and the city of Piraeus
  • in Patmos, the island of Revelation, on Cruise and Maritime Tourism 
  • in Trikala, on new and innovative technologies within the city
  •  in Thassos, on Tourism
  • in Aspropyrgos, on the development of the area
  • in Patras, on the development of the city and 
  • in Thessaloniki, on the development of the environmentally degraded industrial area in the west of ​​the city

The socio-economic crisis has affected young people worldwide more than anyone else. Innovative solutions will derive from exchanging ideas with young people involved in Local Councils in other European countries.

 Communication and cooperation on a broader scale is the key to an imminent change that will make a difference. 



Nektarios Kalantzis

President of ENA

City Councillor of the Municipality of Pallini, Attica, Greece